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We Buy Junk Cars

We Buy Junk Cars

Just about everyone has had at least one vehicle that is so broken down and damaged that they can't find someone to take it off of their hands. In many cases, these rusted-out cars and trucks don't even run; they merely take up space in a garage or a driveway. Having one of these vehicles on your hands can be frustrating. After all, cars are expensive, and we can understand if you want to make back at least some of the money you've put into your junker over the years.

Fortunately, you no longer need to simply cut your losses and have your car towed to a junkyard when it completely breaks down. We are Cash for Cars, and we buy used cars quickly, no matter what kind of condition they're in. This means that we will gladly buy your gently used car that is still operational when you need some extra cash, but we will also pay cash for junk cars. There is also no need for you to come to us to sell your vehicle. All you need is to give us a call and we can come and take your car off of your hands. If your car is no longer running and needs to be towed, we will even provide the tow truck at no cost to you.

We also act quickly when we buy used cars. Although it isn't guaranteed, many of our sales go through on the day our customers call our company. In any case, you won't have to wait long before you receive payment for your vehicle.

If you have an old used car and you live in the Mason area, don't hesitate to let us know. We will gladly take it off of your hands. For more information about our services or to find out what your junk car might be worth, contact us today.